Joining the Rotary Club of Iron Mountain – Kingsford

Where Doing Good is Serious Fun

Individual Membership – We always welcome those who are looking to strengthen connections with friends and neighbors and want to give back to our community to apply for membership.

NEW! Corporate Membership If you own or are a part of an area business, please consider applying for Rotary membership as a corporate team! Corporate Membership gives your employees the opportunity to give back, help grow their interpersonal and leadership skills, and give your organization a broader presence in the community. How does it work? Rather than becoming an individual member, your business is a Corporate member and pay the same dues as a single member. You may then assign up to 2 additional employees to be in that Corporate membership. If one person cannot attend a meeting in a given week, one of the others can attend – although all three can attend at any time. Each corporate member is a Rotarian and expected to be an active participant in weekly meetings, fundraisers, and projects.

To learn more, contact us today.